O2GO All In One Regulator




Easy to Read “Precise” flows quickly adjust setting to one of 11 different flow rates. Flow selections range from pediatric 1/32 LPM to High Volume 25+ LPM.
50 PSI DISS Port can be used to power a portable pressure type ventilator.
Quality contents gauge sure to yield you years of smooth operation and rigidly protected by built-in steel guard.
Built-in rupture disc helps promote added safety for peace of mind and use.
The patented compact composite body helps reduce weight and compliments portability which is paramount in hospital and field use.
Measures 4.75″ high from cylinder neck, one of the lightest units on the market at 1.8 pounds.
Regulator passed ASTM-G175 Ignition Sensitivity Testing.
Powder coated steel “Halo” Handle promotes comfort, ease of use/lifting, and safety.